SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) – On Monday, there was a fatal apartment fire in Salt Lake City at the Silverado Apartments at 243 south and 300 east. One person was found dead at the scene, one was seriously injured and another was critically injured. Three firefighters received minor injuries.

Many said they heard a loud sound and felt shaking.

“It was like 2 o’clock in the morning and me and my dog were sound asleep, then we heard a huge explosion, it sounded like an atomic bomb. I thought it was the end of the world,” said Sam Cottrell, who has lived at these apartments for 16 years.

“I looked out the window and just saw nothing but orange so I just grabbed my dog and got out,” Cottrell said.

He said the fire was raging when he got outside and that it was a sleepless night for him and many others. 

“The fire department got a UTA bus to put up over by the car wash. We all spent the night on the bus, we couldn’t sleep you know,” he said. 

Others in the area say they were shaken up by what they saw and heard the night before. 

“I just heard a huge explosion and then my windows started rattling, so I went outside on my balcony to check and there’s a huge plume of smoke coming from this direction,” said Hunter Moffat. 

David Peterson lives across the road. He says he heard the sound echo in his balcony right into his apartment and that he went outside, where he saw the building ablaze.

“It frightened me beyond belief,” he said. “What was going through my mind was, I hope the people are okay.”

Officials say the Red Cross will be helping residents find temporary places to stay.  

“It’s sickening, I am so sad, and I’m really worried about my two friends,” Cottrell said.