(ABC4)- Black Friday is getting closer and people are ready to go shopping. However, in an effort to save money, some people are willing to regift something they already own. A survey by TopCashBack.com found that 44% of people surveyed will do exactly that.

The survey was conducted by polling a cross-section of 3,486 adults over the age of 18. It asked for their insights on gift-giving and what their plans were for the holiday season as far as shopping.

In the survey, 91% of people said they would be buying gifts. The same amount of people also said they would be taking the price of an item into account when buying a gift for someone. Other things they considered were quality of an item (76%), speed of delivery or shipping cost (72%), product reviews (64%), and brand name (36%).

Regifting isn’t the only way people intend to save money this holiday season. 58% of people said they would make their own gifts whereas 38% of people said they would skip gift-giving altogether. However, 27% of people surveyed said they would buy used or second-hand items. 

Here are other breakdowns from the survey:

Top gifts for adults:

  • Clothes (53%)
  • Gift certificate/gift card (52%)
  • Tech (42%)
  • Perfume/cologne (24%)
  • Jewelry (24%)

Top gifts for children:

  • Toys (73%)
  • Clothes (54%)
  • Video games (34%)
  • Tech (28%)
  • Gift certificate/gift card (26 %)

Top go-to type gift:

  • A thoughtful gift (an experience, something homemade, etc.) (38%)
  • A generic gift (gift card, money, etc.) (32%)
  • A practical gift (socks, new toothbrush, etc.) (21%)
  • An expensive gift (designer clothes, electronics, etc.) (9%)

Going Black Friday shopping may be a hectic experience. TopCashback consumer expert Rebecca Gramuglia provides tips on how to get the most out of Black Friday shopping:

Have a plan. “Create a list in advance to get an idea of how much you plan to spend per person and where you want to shop,” Gramuglia writes. While it may be tempting to “wing” Black Friday shopping, it’s best to do some research on what sales stores are having so shoppers can outline their spending without going over budget.

Act fast. “BOMO (Buy Or Miss Out) is a real thing” warns Gramuglia.”If you find a good deal that yields both a solid discount and a reasonable delivery speed, you may want to scoop it up before somebody else does.” 

Buy online and pick up curbside. Save time and avoid delays by ordering online and picking up purchases at the store or curbside. Outlets like Best Buy, Bloomingdale’s, and Bed Bath & Beyond offer curbside pickup. When shopping retail outlets online, look for a curbside pickup option when adding items to the cart.

Read reviews. To avoid having to return anything, read the reviews online first. “The item should be exactly as described on the website and reviewers will tell you if it’s not.,” writes Gramuglia. Also, make sure to buy from a trusted retailer. 

Pro-tip: “Don’t stick to the positive reviews,” writes Gramuglia. “Some of the one-, two- or three-star reviews may give you a better idea of any quality or shipping issues.” Look for an alternative retailer if there are any deal-breaker problems or issues with the product itself or the merchant.