UTAH (ABC4) – McDonald’s employees, known for their friendly faces and warm greetings, are now being recognized across the globe. 

The fast-food favorite has launched a new initiative this week called ‘Thank You Crew,’ an opportunity for customers to give back to staff members from coast to coast. 

The project highlights how often McDonald’s crew members are caught going above and beyond. Whether they’ve been known to greet guests with a song or have been witnessed saving a choking customer’s life, it’s no secret that the restaurant’s crew members are some of the kindest in the game. And the love doesn’t stop there, McDonald’s notes how fans love to celebrate the employees in return through thank-you shout-outs at local restaurants and on social media platforms. 

Now, McDonald’s is giving customers the chance to join officials in recognizing McDonald’s crew members and managers in their local restaurants nationwide. You can submit your personal story of a McDonald’s representative who went the extra mile for you, a family member, or a friend at mcdonads.com/thanks. According to the franchise, as stories are added local businesses who own and operate McDonald’s venues will recognize many of these crew members with one-of-a-kind thank-you experiences personalized to them. 

To say a special thanks to the drive-thru employee who always has your back, like Angelica and her warm welcomes at the McDonald’s on Redwood Road, submit your personal story today.