(KTLA) – Video captured the moment an NFL photographer fell backwards while taking a photo of quarterback Matthew Stafford and his wife Kelly Hall at the Los Angeles Rams’ Super Bowl victory rally Wednesday. After the photographer falls, the shocked football star turns and walks away.

Professional photographer Kelly Smiley said she fractured her spine in the fall and broke two of her cameras.

Video of the moment shows Stafford seeing Smiley trip and fall backwards, looking stunned, and immediately turning around and walking away. Meanwhile, his wife rushes to Smiley’s side.

A GoFundMe page was created to help cover Smiley’s “growing medical expenses” and to replace the camera gear that was severely damaged due to her fall, the page states.

“Since Kelly is a working photographer, she needs this gear to help keep her working after fully recovering,” the GoFundMe says.

By mid-day Thursday, the fundraiser had already exceeded its $30,000 goal.

The Los Angeles Rams celebrated their Super Bowl victory over the Cincinnati Bengals with a parade and rally Wednesday. Stafford was seen celebrating during the parade with alcohol and a cigar in hand. Tom Brady even gave him a piece of advice: “Mix in a water Matt … trust me.”