VIDEO: Louisiana woman says ‘God was definitely with us’ during lightning strike


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MORGAN CITY, La. (WVLA) — A Louisiana resident got quite the lightning scare while standing right outside her home, and it was caught on video.

Just seconds after Sarah Ribardi had stepped outside, lightning struck next door.

You can hear her scream and yell, “Oh my God,” as she runs back inside the house.

In the video, the lightning blast sounds like an explosion as it hits, resulting in flying debris. A cat can be seen running across the yard and underneath a nearby vehicle.

“God was definitely with us! One step closer and i would have been seriously injured!” Ribardi said in a Facebook post.

That one lightning strike caused damage to multiple houses and destroyed a tree. The damage could be seen in a second video.

Someone in that video can be heard saying, “It shook my house like crazy. I thought it hit my shed or something.”

There was no immediate word on the condition of the cat.

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