BOISE, Idaho (ABC4) — Lori Vallow Daybell, convicted of murdering her two children, spoke at her trial before she was sentenced to five life sentences in prison. She quoted scripture and spoke about her dead children as if they approved of her.

Lori, 49, was found guilty of murder, and conspiracy to commit murder of her children Joshua “JJ” Vallow, 7, and Tylee Ryan, 16. She was also convicted of conspiracy to commit murder in the death of Tammy Daybell, the former wife of her husband, Chad Daybell. Additionally, Lori was found guilty of grand theft.

During her sentencing trial on Monday, July 31, Lori spoke following victim impact statements from the children’s grandmother, the children’s older sibling, as well as members of Tammy’s family.

Lori began her statement with quotes from the Gospel of John in the Bible.

“Jesus says, ‘he that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her,'” she continued “Then […] Jesus says ‘Ye judge after the flesh, I judge no man. And yet, if I judge, my judgment is true.'”

Lori then claimed that Jesus knows her and understands her and that he knows the truth of what happened.

“I mourn with all of you who mourn my children and Tammy. Jesus Christ knows the truth of what happened here. Jesus Christ knows that no one was murdered in this case,” Lori said.

According to Lori, when she was in labor with Tylee, she died in the hospital. She claimed they tried to stop her labor, and she felt her spirit falling to the floor. She then claimed she was taken to heaven to learn some things. Lori said she wanted to remain in heaven but was told by Jesus that she needed to go back and do things she had promised to do.

Lori said because of this experience, she has a connection to heaven, as well as her children.

“Since then, I have had many communications from people now living in heaven, including my children, Tylee Ashlyn, and Joshua Jackson,” Lori said. “I have had many communications with Jesus Christ, the Savior of this world, and our Heavenly Parents. I’ve had many angelic visitors that have come and communicated with me and even manifested themselves to me. Because of these communications. I know for a fact that my children are happy and busy in the spirit world.”

She then went on to explain that she believed Tylee is free from all the pains in her life. According to Lori, Tylee suffered horrible physical pain her whole life, including pancreatitis, and sexual abuse by her biological father.

“I am the only person on this earth who knows how much Tylee suffered in her life. She had pain every single day. She never felt good. Her body did not work right. […] She had a very difficult life.”

According to Lori, she never stopped worrying about Tylee, even after her death. Lori claims that during one of the times Tylee visited her as a spirit after she died, she commanded her to “stop worrying Mom” and said she and JJ were fine.

She also claimed that the first time JJ visited her after he passed away, he said “You didn’t do anything wrong, Mom. I love you. And I know you loved me every minute of my life.”

“I know that more than most people, I know where they are now and what they’re doing,” Lori said concerning Tammy, JJ, and Tylee.

Lori also said she has had communications with her “eternal friend” Tammy Daybell, and that she is also “very happy and extremely busy,” and has visited her on several occasions to bring “peace and comfort.”

Lori finished her statement with the following declaration:

“Rest safely this day in the arms of Jesus. And I look forward to the day when we are all reunited, and I too, will rest with them in the arms of my Jesus.”

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