BOISE, Idaho (ABC4) — On April 20, the court heard from two witnesses about the schooling, or lack thereof, for JJ and Tylee after they moved to Idaho, around the time they went missing.

Madison County Deputy Prosecuting Attorney, Spencer Rammell, invited John Wilson, the principal at Kennedy Elementary in Rexburg to testify. Wilson was the principal in September 2019 when JJ attended Kennedy Elementary.

Wilson said that JJ Vallow was a student at Kennedy Elementary from Sept. 3, 2019, until Sept. 24, 2019. The last day JJ was physically present at the school was Friday, Sept. 20, 2019, according to Wilson. According to Rexburg Police Department, JJ was likely killed on September 23.

When JJ enrolled, Wilson said he was present and remembered meeting him. Wilson said there was never any discussion about only enrolling JJ for three weeks, and he believed JJ would be enrolled long-term. But on Sept. 24, Kennedy Elementary received an email from Lori that said JJ was being removed from Kennedy and was going to move to Louisiana to be with his grandparents.

Wilson said he called Lori to let her know that once JJ was enrolled in Louisiana, his records could be sent there. Lori replied that they weren’t moving him to Louisiana, but that they were actually going to be homeschooling him.

Lori reportedly said JJ had a cousin with similar needs who would be working with him. Wilson told Lori the school would house JJ’s records until he was re-enrolled in public school, and Wilson claimed he never heard from Lori again.

The next witness called to the stand was Wynn Hill, the Dean of Students at BYU-Idaho, located in Rexburg.

Hill said they use a student management system that keeps track of their students, and that the system contains “everything,” including application information, directory information, and educational records. Hill said the system allows employees to view current and past students as well as potential students who have applied to the university.

During Rexburg Police Department’s investigation into Tylee, Hill said he checked the system for Tylee Ryan, Tylee Cox, and Tylee Vallow with her birthdate, Sept. 24, 2002. Tylee was never a student at BYU-Idaho, and she never even applied, Hill reported.

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