BOISE, Idaho (ABC4) — On the 19th day of the Lori Vallow Daybell murder trial, it was revealed that Lori’s DNA was found at the crime scene.

On May 1, Keeley Coleman, a senior DNA analyst at Bode Technology in Virginia, testified in court concerning the DNA samples found on duct tape on JJ’s body. Rexburg Police believe JJ was murdered on September 23, 2019. His body was found on June 9th, 2020 wrapped in plastic and duct tape.

According to Coleman, DNA is the biological material that makes each person unique, and it’s found in almost every cell of your body.

“You get half of the DNA from your mom and half from your dad,” Coleman said. “99% of DNA is the same among individuals but 1% is unique among individuals, and that’s the DNA we are looking at.”

Coleman said she received DNA profiles for Lori, Tylee, and Melanie Gibb. Coleman said she then compared their DNA profiles with the DNA profile of a piece of hair located on the duct tape used to wrap JJ’s body. According to Coleman, it matched the DNA profile of Lori.

“The probability of randomly selecting a random individual in relation to that profile is one in 71 billion,” Coleman said. This hair belonged to Lori.

The tape with Lori’s hair on it was found somewhere on the black plastic bag wrapped around JJ’s body. Coleman did not specify which area of the bag the hair was found on, but it was reported that duct tape was used on JJ’s wrists, ankles, and mouth, as well as on the plastic wrapped around JJ’s body.

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