BOISE, Idaho (ABC4) — On April 27, new evidence was revealed relating to the death of Lori Vallow Daybell’s children, JJ and Tylee, during the trial.

According to the Rexburg Police Department, JJ was likely murdered in the early morning of September 23. On a previous day in court, they revealed that JJ’s cause of death was asphyxiation. Rexburg police found JJ buried on Chad Daybell’s property wrapped in plastic and duct tape.

Forensic Scientist Tara Martinez revealed in court Thursday that the prints of Alex Cox, Lori’s brother, were found on the plastic bag that JJ was buried in.

Rexburg police believe that Tylee was allegedly murdered between Sept. 8 and 9. When police uncovered Tylee, they said most of what was left of her was fragments and bones. Information revealed in court placed Cox on Chad’s property in the general area where Tylee was found on Sept. 9.

Due to the condition of Tylee’s remains, they could not uncover any prints on her body. However, on Thursday, Forensic Biologist Katherine Dace revealed that Tylee’s DNA was discovered on a pickaxe located on Chad’s property.

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