BOISE, Idaho (ABC4) — In the Lori Vallow Daybell murder trial, Lori’s story about what happened the morning Charles’ died was reportedly much different than what her brother, Alex Cox, told officials.

On April 19, the Arizona detective who interviewed Lori and Tylee the day Charles died took the stand and reviewed her interview with Lori. On April 20, an Arizona police sergeant took the stand to describe what Cox allegedly told him about Charles’ death.

Lori told the detective that Cox was staying at her house to protect her. And Lori allegedly told her friend Melanie Gibb that Cox was spending the night because she believed Charles was going to kill her. The interview the detective had with Lori was recorded.

The morning of Charles’ death, Lori said Charles allegedly arrived at the house to pick up JJ for school, realized he left his phone inside and went inside to retrieve it. Lori was allegedly holding his phone and so he got angry at her. Lori said they began to argue and she was moving around the kitchen to avoid giving him the phone. Tylee then allegedly came out of her room with a bat and was “prodding” at Charles in defense of Lori. Charles allegedly took the bat from Tylee, and was “extremely angry.”

Then Lori’s brother, Alex Cox, allegedly intervened. Cox reportedly grabbed Charles, pulled him backward, and a “physical altercation ensued.” At this point, Lori said she told Tylee to go outside, and she moved into the kitchen away from the action. Lori said she heard a gunshot, went into the room and saw Charles on the floor, and then left with JJ and Tylee.

However, as explained by Chandler Police Sgt. Nathan Moffat, Cox told reportedly officials a different story. According to Moffat, who interviewed Cox, he told Moffat that he spent the night at Lori’s house because he planned on doing something the following day with her. Cox told Moffat multiple times he was not at the house to protect Lori. However, at the same time in another room, Lori told the detective that was why he was there.

Cox said Charles and Lori were in an argument and then Lori came into Cox’s room. Cox said this was when he intervened between Lori and Charles, not after Tylee came out with her bat as Lori said. He then told Moffat that Tylee came out of her room with a bat during the argument to protect her mother.

Charles then reportedly took the bat, and during an argument over the bat, Charles allegedly hit Cox with the bat in the back of the head, Cox reported. Moffat said there was a small laceration on the back of Cox’s head, “but it wasn’t consistent with being hit extremely hard in the back of the head with a baseball bat by an athletic man.”

Cox said after he was hit in the head, he went into his room to get his gun. Cox said he told Charles to drop the bat, and Charles said, “What are you going to do about it?” and reportedly came toward Cox. Cox said this is when he pulled the trigger “more than once.”

However, Moffat indicated that one bullet was located under Charles’ body, and was consistent with Charles being flat on the floor when he was shot. Meaning Charles was shot once after he was allegedly already down.

After the shooting, Cox reportedly went into the kitchen, washed his hands, and then went into his room and called 911. According to GPS data from a phone, Cox called the police over 30 minutes after Lori, Tylee, and JJ left the scene.

Cox also told Moffatt he had done CPR on Charles. During previous trial days, several officials said it was unlikely anyone did CPR before they got there. They said this was due to the lack of blood on Charles, and the lack of impressions or injuries on Charles’ body.

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