UPS driver who died after his truck was hijacked identified as a young father


MIAMI, Fla. (WFLA/AP) – A Florida family is mourning the loss of a delivery driver who was killed after robbers stole his UPS truck and led police on a chase that ended in a shootout near Miami.

Frank Ordonez, 27, was one of four people killed in the incident, according to his brother Roy.

His coworker told CBS Miami that it was his first day as a UPS driver after having completed his training, and that he was excited to begin his work.

UPS released the following statement, but did not mention Ordonez by name:

“We are deeply saddened to learn a UPS service provider was a victim of this senseless act of violence. We extend our condolences to the family and friends of our employee and the other innocent victims involved in this incident. We appreciate law enforcement’s service and will cooperate with the authorities as they continue the investigation.”

Ordonez leaves behind a 1-year-old daughter.

Coral Gables police responded to a robbery at a jewelry store in the city’s Miracle Mile area, which is about 5 miles west of Miami. Shots were fired and one employee was injured, but it’s unclear if she had been shot.

Deputies said the suspects fled the scene, carjacked Ordonez’s truck and fled police.

News helicopters were following the chase and at least one showed the conclusion live, with one person falling out of the vehicle’s passenger side after several shots were fired. It was unclear if the shots were fired from inside the truck, from law enforcement who were moving in or some combination thereof. The fourth victim, in another car at the intersection, was “an innocent bystander,” authorities said.

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