SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) — A Florida pilot stopped by Utah on Friday as part of his 48-48-48 Pickleball Challenge, in which he is attempting to set the world record for the shortest time taken to play a game of pickleball in 48 contiguous states.

Dean Matt, a self-proclaimed pickleball addict, played a game of pickleball with his wife, Luanne, at the Club Pickleball USA in Sandy on Friday.

Matt departed the Sarasota-Bradenton International Airport on Monday, May 1, and headed northwest to play his first march in Mobile, Alabama. His schedule says he is set to complete his challenge in Tampa, Florida, on Friday, May 26.

Utah was Matt’s 18th stop. The challenge requires Matt to fly his Turbo Cessna 206H six-passenger aircraft to 48 states in less than 48 days to play exactly 48 pickleball matches. Most days, Matt will play two matches in two different states. On other days, he will pack in three stops in a day.

“We just work our way clockwise around the country,” Matt said. “Some of our prettiest sceneries have been in the last four, five days through California, Arizona… and then today we are in Boise and beautiful Salt Lake City.”

A screenshot of Matt’s intended 48 stops across the country:

Courtesy of Dean Matt’s The 48-48-48 Pickleball Challenge

As Matt crossed Utah off the list, he will be heading to Casper, Wyoming, next.

Read more about Matt’s pickleball challenge on his website.