SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC4) – The “free” drink reward from Starbucks is about to get a little more expensive, meaning coffee drinkers are going to need to drink a little more before they’re awarded a free cup o’ joe.

Beginning Monday, Feb. 13, Starbucks will be changing the values of star redemptions, increasing the number of stars needed to get a free coffee, handcrafted beverage, or food item.

A free brewed coffee or steeped tea will now cost Starbucks Rewards members 100 stars instead of 50. Handcrafted beverages and breakfast items also were raised in price, requiring 200 stars instead of 150. Lunch sandwiches, protein boxes, and salads will receive the biggest increase in value, now requiring 300 stars instead of 200.

Extra espresso shots, added syrup or other modifications will still be only 25 stars to redeem and select merchandise can still be earned with 400 stars.

Overall, the changes mean stars have lost a little bit of their value. Starbucks Rewards members earn two stars for every $1 spent when using a Starbucks card. With the redemption value changes, coffee drinkers will now have to spend $50 instead of $25 to reach the first tier of free drinks.

The new redemption values will be the first change in values since April 2019. The tiered redemption style replaced a longstanding rewards program and provided coffee lovers with more redemption choices, rewarding customers with stars immediately.