WASHINGTON D.C. (ABC4) – In an effort to improve the baby formula shortage, Senator Mike Lee introduced the FORMULA act which passed unanimously through the U.S. Senate Thursday.

The FORMULA act, also known as the Fixing Our Regulatory Mayhem Upsetting Little Americans act was created to combat domestic baby formula shortages and bolster the supply chain to help American families feed their babies.

The shortages come following the aftermath of a recall and temporary closure of the Abbott’s Baby Formula Factory in Michigan. The factory was closed for several months due to contamination.

Earlier this month, Abbott reopened after being closed in February of this year. The factory closed again last week after reopening due to severe thunderstorms and heavy rain.

The newly modified FORMULA Act will lift tariffs on imported baby formula into the country and lower costs for retailers who are trying to put baby formula on their shelves.

Abbott closed the Sturgis, Michigan, factory in February after the Food and Drug Administration began investigating four bacterial infections among infants who consumed powdered formula from the plant. Two of the babies died. The company continues to state that its products have not been directly linked to infections, which involved different bacterial strains.

Thus far, the shortages have left families in Utah and around the U.S. without a way to feed their babies.