SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC4) — Gamers were in the spotlight this weekend as a new report on researched data shows that, among the world’s largest names in gaming, the Japanese Nintendo company is the most known and most liked gaming brand in the United States.

The research presented by analyzed data from Statista Consumer Insights Gaming and eSports Special to discover that Nintendo scored much higher among gaming fans in both awareness and popularity compared to U.S. competition. It shows that almost three-quarters of U.S. gamers know the Nintendo name, and as much as 47% also like it.

Another popular company that landed in the runner-up position is Electronic Arts, with 52% of the nation’s gamers aware of them, and one-third showing favor.

Following that were Epic Games, known by 53% of U.S. gamers but liked by only 27% of respondents, along with Rockstar Games and Activision, who were favored by 20% of gamers.

On top of its ranking as the most popular company among U.S. gamers, the research included surveys from NPD Group and VG24/7 indicated that Nintendo game titles are also among the top-selling in the market.

As Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II and Elden Ring took the top spots on the list, the statistics also showed that Pokemon: Scarlet/Violet was the sixth top-selling game last year in the U.S. with Pokemon Legends: Arceus close behind. Even more from the Nintendo name, Mario Kart 8 was ranked tenth on the list of top-selling game titles.