OHIO (ABC4) – Who wants to be a millionaire?

Ohio Governor Mike DeWine has announced some significant incentives for Ohioans to get the COVID-19 vaccine.

In a tweet, DeWine announced that the state of Ohio will hold five drawings for adults who have received the vaccine, and the winner of each drawing will receive $1 million.

According to DeWine, the prize money will come from existing federal coronavirus relief funds, and the drawings will be conducted by the Ohio Lottery.

The drawings will begin on May 26.

All names for the drawings will be taken from the Ohio Secretary of State’s voter registration database. Those who enter the drawing must be 18 years or older and an Ohio resident to win the $1 million.

However, Ohioans under 18 shouldn’t worry. The state announced a separate incentive for those ages 12 to 17 to get vaccinated.

A separate drawing will be held for Ohioans ages 12 to 17 who have been vaccinated, and the winner will receive a full, four-year scholarship to a State of Ohio university, including tuition, room and board, and textbook costs.

In a tweet, DeWine said “I know that some may say, ‘DeWine, you’re crazy! This million-dollar drawing idea of yours is a waste of money.’ But truly, the real waste at this point in the pandemic — when the vaccine is readily available to anyone who wants it — is a life lost to COVID-19.”

DeWine said additional details about the drawings will be announced in the coming days.

On Wednesday, DeWine announced that all of Ohio’s COVID-19 public health orders will be lifted on June 2, but will remain in place at nursing homes and assisted living facilities.