National Beer Day: Here’s how much brew is consumed


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(ABC4) – April 7 is more than just the 97th day of the year – it’s National Beer Day!

The day celebrates April 7, 1933, which is when the Cullen-Harrison act was signed into law. The act reversed the prohibition on selling beer in the U.S., according to Congress. April is also Alcohol Awareness Month.

Beer is one of the most widely consumed alcoholic drinks with numerous varieties like IPAs, Pilsners, Stouts, Sours, and more.

A recent survey shows 34% of Americans drink anywhere from two to four bottles of beer each week. The survey, by National Today, asked 1,100 Americans 21-years-old and older about their favorite hoppy beverage.

The survey found 31% of Americans drink one bottle of beer each week.

Graph courtesy National Today

Additional findings show both men (59%) and women (70%) who drink beer are perceived as more approachable than drinkers of any other alcoholic beverage.

Beer was the most popular bar drink among those surveyed at 47%, followed by margarita at 22% and wine at 17%.

Beer consumption in Utah

Utah, largely known for its laws on alcohol consumption, recently became the first state to have its own Budweiser beer bottle.

On the label, which you can see below, Budweiser calls itself “Utah’s favorite full-bodied beer.”

“This is the famous Budweiser beer. A 5% ABV beer enjoyed by Utahns far and wide. And now it’s the beer that is proud and honored to be called Utah’s favorite full-bodied beer,” is printed at the top of the bottle.

Budweiser began its efforts to be Utah’s official beer after its beer became the first 5% ABV beer in bars around the state.

The Utah Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control reports the average consumption per capita of heavy beer in Utah was 0.534 gallons during 2020. That’s down from 0.713 in 2019.

Data from 2019 shows there are two craft breweries in Utah per 100,000 residents 21-years-old and older, totaling 42 craft breweries across the Beehive State. The Brewers Association reports Utah’s craft breweries produce over 174,000 barrels of beer per year.

Other National Beer Day Facts

National Today offers another look at National Beer Day, by the numbers:

  • 50 billion: Gallons of beer consumed every year across the world
  • $503,300: Price of the world’s most expensive beer – Allsopp’s Arctic Ale
  • 2.2 million: Number of people employed by beer industry
  • $328.4 billion: Number of dollars contributed toward the economy by the beer industry in 2018

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