Petaluma, CALIF (ABC4) – The World’s Ugliest Dog competition was held over the weekend and many dogs were given high accolades for their “homely” appearance.

“Mr. Happy Face” took first place and he has quite the success story for a dog who overcame abuse, neglect, and multiple tumors.

A chihuahua mix with a mohawk, Mr. Happy Face was adopted in August 2021 in Arizona at 17 years old. The owner says he came from a hoarder’s house where the conditions were “deplorable.”

The owners say he sounds like a diesel truck revving up when he’s happy.

According to the Sonoma-Marin Fairgrounds Event Center website, a veterinarian told the owner that “adopting him would be an act of hospice for this decrepit old dog who would need lifelong medication.”

The vet suggested that because of his tumors and multiple conditions — Mr. Happy Face would only be alive for a few more weeks or maybe even a month.

Almost a year later, he grabbed first place in the competition along with $1,500.

The second-place winner was “Wild Thang” whose tongue hangs out of her mouth because there are no teeth to hold it in. “Monkey,” a 12-year-old Blue Factor Brussels Griffon, grabbed third place.

The contest aims to celebrate dogs of all breeds and sizes with imperfections, as well as promote the adoption of dogs who may not meet the top beauty standards.