(ABC4) – Another national chain is raising its minimum starting wage.

McDonald’s has announced it will raise the hourly wages for more than 36,500 employees by an average of 10%.

Over the coming months, the company says it will shift the entry-level range for crew to at least $11 to $17 an hour and the starting range for shift managers moving to at least $15 to $20 an hour, based on restaurant location.

As COVID-19 restrictions lift and the chain opens its dining rooms were safe, McDonald’s says it is looking to hire 10,000 new employees over the next three months.

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On Thursday, the company says it expects the average hourly wage for its company-owned restaurants to increase to $15 an hour in a phased, market-by-market approach. This means some locations have, or will, reach an average $15 an hour in 2021, with the average hourly wages expected to reach $15 an hour by 2024.

Numerous other national brands have recently given a boost to their average wage. Earlier this month, Chipotle announced it is increasing the pay of its restaurant workers to an average of $15 per hour by the end of June. In February, Costco increased its starting wage to $16 an hour.

The starting wage scale puts Costco above competitors, including AmazonTarget, and Best Buy, which have $15 minimum wages. Walmart’s starting pay is $11 an hour.