BOISE, Idaho (ABC4) — On day 10 of the ongoing Lori Vallow Daybell murder trial, her sister-in-law discussed some of Lori’s beliefs on demons, including the need to spiritually burn them.

Prosecuting Attorney questioned Zulema Pastenes, the wife of Lori’s deceased brother, Alex Cox, about her knowledge of the events leading up to several deaths.

Lori allegedly believed that her husband was possessed by several demons that needed to be cast out. In messages on May 29, 2019, between Lori and Pastenes about Charles’ alleged demons, Lori said, “Perfect. I found out there are four. One is a level four entity. His name is Hiplos.”

Pastenes told Lori on June 2, 2019, that she was given instructions to “rip, tear, or burn thee auto of Hiplos to let the body energy out.” Chad sent her a message that day thanking her for her help with Hiplos. Lori and Pastenes also talked about being ready, sending fire, and “binding him with light.” Pastenes said it was “spiritual burning” and never “physical burning.”

Pastenes said that all the women believed what they were doing had value. Lori was “very convincing and has a charming way of expressing things that are believing.”

Two photos were submitted into evidence, taken the night of the casting of the evil spirit, “Garret” who was the first evil spirit to reportedly possess Charles. One of the photos showed Pastenes, Melanie Gibb, and Serena Sharp standing like warriors with their hands out, and their fingers shaped like guns. Melanie Gibb’s testimony in the murder trial can be read here.

Pastenas said that Lori called Chad afterward to verify that it worked. Chad told Lori it worked, but later they said that even though the demon had been cast out, a more powerful demon named “Ned” had come into Charles.

The group that gathered to cast out Ned was Pastenas, Gibb, Melani Bourdreaux, Lori, and Christina. Lori told the group they needed to fast as Jesus did, and could not eat until after the casting. They conducted the casting to get rid of Ned at Pastena’s house again. Pastenas said that everyone had a different part in it. Afterward, Lori called Chad and he said he was very confident that it worked.

Pastenas said that if someone is dark, or a demon, they are considered dangerous. She said Cox believed this more than anyone else. Lori told them Ned had been removed, but a more powerful demon possessed Charles, a demon “expert” named Hiplos that had done the same things for hundreds of years.

At this point, Lori had moved to Texas but asked the women to be on a casting call. In this casting, the same women participated in several castings in an attempt to remove Hiplos from Charles. Lori told them Hiplos was a powerful demon, and the castings were not working.

Lori said Charles moved to Texas because there were doctors to help those possessed by demons, and they could help keep the bodies alive. When Lori originally told Pastenas about Texas, she said it was so she could get her finances straight.

When Charles died, Lori told Pastenas that his death was orchestrated by God, and Hiplos had been delivered to her and Cox. Lori also told Pastenas that certain things needed to happen before the Second Coming, and she needed to cleanse the earth of evil spirits. Pastenas said Lori was taking steps to usher in the Second Coming, and Charles’ death was one of those steps.

Pastena’s testimony of Charles’ possession was just one of the things discussed in the Daybell Vallow murder trial on April 14, to read more, click here.