(ABC4) – After selling out within one hour of its debut, Kraft Mac and Cheese’s collaboration with Van Leeuwen Ice Cream will hit the shelves in a couple of thousand Walmart stores in a few days.

This creamy, cheese ice cream will be arriving at 3,500 Walmart store locations and online for a 10-week rotation period beginning on March. 14, a press release states.

This unusual collaboration kicked off in summer 2021 as Kraft partnered with Brooklyn-based Van Leeuwen Ice Cream, which is most known for its decadent, vegan ice cream.

The exclusive launch includes six other fan-favorite flavors:

  • Planet Earth: This flavor is truly out of this world. Well, not technically because it’s Planet Earth but, flavor-wise, it is because of the blue spirulina almond ice cream and pieces of matcha green tea cake.  
  • Pizza: Put aside any notion that you can’t have your pizza and ice cream together in one crazy, but crazy delicious, flavor. Delicious cream cheese and mozzarella ice cream with a tomato jam swirl and basil crust cookies!  
  • Hot Honey: If you’ve never drizzled hot honey onto your ice cream, raise your hand… Vanilla ice cream with honeycomb and swirls of hot honey.  
  • Royal Wedding Cake: Inspired by the cake served at a certain royal wedding in 2018, this is the closest you’ll get (and they’ll get) to feeling like a royal. Floral, sweet cream cheese ice cream with chunks of lemon sponge cake with layers of elderflower frosting.  
  • Bourbon Cherries Jubilee: Not a flame went near this sweet cream ice cream but we did blend in swirls of bourbon cherry compote so this flavor is still lit.  

  • Wild Blueberry Shortcake: There was no taming these wild blueberries, who were out late at night getting into trouble. We let them run wild before using them to create a swirl and then blending it into the vanilla ice cream and adding chunks of shortcake. 

The ice cream has no artificial flavors, preservatives, or dyes.