Judge says Idaho Murderer’s motive is ‘outlandish, incomprehensible and unbelievable’


PRESTON, Idaho (ABC4 News, East Idaho News) Marlin McQueen told the judge his victim wanted to be killed, but his judge didn’t believe him, according to East Idaho News.

McQueen, who is now 35, was convicted of stabbing 31-year-old Wilden “Willie” Lovin Jr. 25 times on Jan. 26.

McQueen was given 30 years to life in prison during his sentencing hearing Thursday. He pleaded guilty on Aug 22 to second-degree felony murder.

District Judge Mitchell Brown said the murder seemed to have no explanation ormotivation.

“I’ll describe as a somewhat outlandish, incomprehensible and unbelievable statement about why Mr. McQueen committed the crime that he committed,” said Judge Brown.

McQueen still stands by his story that Lovin had allegedly confessed to McQueen that he had molested and murdered two little girls in Roy, Utah and wanted McQueen to kill him.

McQueen then walked out to his car and grabbed a knife, telling prosecutors “Preston is a better place without that man.”

In a report issued by Franklin County Chief Deputy Karen Hatch, she said the murder scene was the worst she had ever encountered.

Hatch also reached out to law enforcement in Roy and was told they had no cases describing McQueens statement.

Judge Brown said even if the accusations McQueen claimed the victim said, his actions were still unjustifiable.

During the sentencing, Lovin’s mother described her son as a people collector, stated East Idaho News.

She told the court she wanted McQueen spend the rest of his life in prison, without the chance of parole so he never has the opportunity to hurt someone again.

Brown said in talking to everyone involved including psychological evaluators and law enforcement, McQueen has not expressed remorse for killing Lovin. And during the hearing, he never apologized for his actions.

“I guess, at the end of the day, somebody’s got to be the monster,” McQueen said. “I guess that’s going to be me.”

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