UTAH (ABC4) – For those of us Toys “R” Us kids who STILL don’t want to grow up, there’s some good news.

The iconic toy store is making a comeback in a big way.

The brand announced that it will be in every U.S. Macy’s location in the future. And the move is happening sooner than you think.

The stores will start popping up in hundreds of Macy’s locations starting late July through October 15. Over ten flagship locations have also been announced in several major U.S. cities including Atlanta, Chicago, Honolulu, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, New York and San Francisco.

“Children can actually touch and play with toys at our demonstration tables, snap a photo with a life-sized Geoffrey The Giraffe, or just explore a colorful world that houses everything a kid could ever want,” the company said Monday.

Toys “R” Us has been slowly crawling its way back after the iconic children’s brand officially declared bankruptcy in 2017, amassing $7.9 billion in debt.