EUNICE, La. (KLFY) – A Louisiana family is outraged that someone desecrated the gravesite of their 2-year-old son.

A’keem Ceaser was only a toddler when he died of a seizure nearly a year ago on Thanksgiving. The family says it has been difficult living without him, and now they’re hurting even more after getting a call that someone vandalized his gravesite.

Devin Fontenot, A’Keem’s father, said he was at his house sleeping when his mother, Kimberly Fontenot, woke him up and told him to rush to his son’s gravesite.

“We have been living through hell and back, and to have to get a phone call saying that my grandson’s stuff was thrown like he was a dog, I just can’t believe this,” said Kimberly Fontenot.

Horrified at what he found, Devin Fontenot said he just wants whoever is responsible to be held accountable.

“I’m not gonna sleep. I’m not gonna eat. I’m not gonna do anything until I find out who actually did this,” he said.

He said his son’s gravesite was the only one touched, and all the items on the grave were thrown in the ditch across the street.

(Brandon Frank)

“We have been put(ing) stuff all over the grave,” Fontenot said. “It was decorated nicely, and then when we came, it was completely cleared.

“There’s no way that the items could get over the fence without somebody physically carrying everything over the fence.”

Brandon Frank, A’Keem’s uncle, said the entire family is upset by the incident.

“We want the public to know that we’re tired of this tragic thing that happened, and my family is about to relive this again next month on Thanksgiving Day,” Frank said. “While everybody is thankful, we’re going to be sitting there reliving this devastating, tragic event that happened.”

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Evangeline Parish Sheriff’s Office.