(NEXSTAR) — The horned and shirtless rioter seen leading a crowd inside the U.S. Capitol during last week’s insurrection is now asking to be pardoned by President Donald Trump, according to a report from Phoenix’s ABC 15.

Jacob Chansley’s lawyer sent out a press release Thursday asking the president to “pardon those of his peaceful followers who accepted the president’s invitation.” 

Chansley, a noted supporter of QAnon, has made headlines since turning himself in last Saturday for requesting organic food inside jail. His mother told reporters he had been on a hunger strike because he gets sick if his meals aren’t entirely organic.

He faces six federal charges, according to ABC 15.

The press release went on to read, “Mr. Chansley is an American; he served honorably in the U.S. military. He has zero criminal history. He is a lover of nature, routinely practices meditation is an active practitioner of yoga, and eats only organic food. He took seriously the countless messages of President Trump. He believed in President Trump. Like tens of millions of other Americans, Chansley felt — for the first time in his life — as though his voice was being heard.”

Chansley, who had become a staple in his costume at pro-Trump protests across the country, is now among dozens of people arrested in the wake of the Capitol invasion by a large mob of Trump supporters enraged over his election loss.

The rioters took over the House and Senate chambers, smashed windows and waved Trump, American and Confederate flags.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.