Homeless opera singer performs in LA after going viral


LOS ANGELES (CNN) – A homeless subway opera singer that captured the nation’s attention last week — is now performing on a big stage.

Her angelic voice went viral after an LAPD officer posted a video of her on social media.

In a matter of days, her life has completely changed.

She’s been singing in LA’s subway for years, but c chance meeting just changed her life.

“This is the only one thing I got left,” said Emily Zamourka.

“I see this police officer walking towards me from a distance and it kind of hesitated me because you know how they are. They don’t really want you to make any nuisance! And opera is loud!”

He loved it, filmed it, the department posted it. More than a million people saw it… and a little more than a week later, Emily Zamourka got her first gig.

“They’re gonna pay me very well for me performing. Who am I? Who am I?!”

On Saturday she sang in San Pedro’s “Little Italy” earned $700.

Zamourka, a trained violinist, came here from Russia in her 20s.

Illness, medical bills, the theft of her beloved violin, all led to a life on the streets.

A homeless charity has now reached out to help and $60,000 and counting donated on GoFundMe.

She just met, hugged and thanked the LAPD officer who filmed her.

“I can’t believe this is happening.”

And a Grammy-winning producer now wants to work with her.  

“It is the biggest ever, what’s the opposite word for tragedy?”

“We have some people saying this story is too good to be true, you look too clean?” Reporter Nick Watt asked.

“This is for real and just because you are homeless you don’t have to go around stinky and dirty. I would just put it this way. It’s my dignity.”

“What do you want, I mean, you want somewhere to live?”

“Oh.. Yes! Yes, I do. And I do. I wish that I just could have this kind of place… and it would be for a long time… and my own.”

That voice, all she had left… might now make that wish come true.


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