SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC4) – Starting in February, flyers with Delta Air Lines won’t have to pay extra to connect and enjoy high-speed internet.

Delta said most domestic flights will begin to offer “fast, free Wi-Fi” to customers using their Delta SkyMiles account.

In order to enjoy the free Wi-Fi, Delta says customers will need to log in through their Delta SkyMiles account. If a customer doesn’t have a SkyMiles account, they will need to create one at any time for free to connect.

Delta plans to equip its entire fleet of planes, including regional and international planes, with free wi-fi by the end of 2024.

According to Delta, the free wifi is the first step in “more personalized travel” for its SkyMiles members. Throughout 2023, Delta will be introducing new digital services through its new platform called Delta Sync.

Among these new services is an “exclusives hub” featuring offers, games, and streaming from services like Paramount+, the New York Times, and more.

Delta also plans to introduce a new in-flight entertainment system it says is “designed to offer what customers would find on a smart TV.” The new system would include integration and recognition tied in with the SkyMiles membership, such as content recommendations, real-time notifications, and food and beverage ordering when in First Class.