(The Hill) — Former Rep. Adam Kinzinger says he had a real-life “Snakes on a Plane” moment after a slithering creature seemingly stowed away aboard his aircraft.

The Illinois Republican detailed his close encounter with a scaly, uninvited guest in a Monday tweet.

“Yesterday I flew from Texas to Illinois, four hours at 17,500,” wrote Kinzinger, a 45-year-old former Air Force pilot and six-term House member who did not run for reelection last year.

“Outside temp at that altitude was -8,” he said.

“Landed, taxied in, and when I stopped this boy dropped out of my wheel well.”

While there was no Samuel L. Jackson in sight, Kinzinger shared four creepy snapshots of the high-flying reptilian hitchhiker.

But Kinzinger, a CNN senior political commentator and fierce critic of former President Trump, joked that dark, venomous forces could be at play with his surprise in-flight companion.

“Welcome to Illinois, SATAN,” he said.