Douglas’ films included `Spartacus,’ ‘Lust for Life’

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Films of Kirk Douglas (many also produced by him) include:

“The Strange Love of Martha Ivers,” 1946

“Mourning Becomes Electra,” 1947

“Out of the Past,” 1947

“I Walk Alone,” 1948

“The Walls of Jerico,” 1948

“My Dear Secretary,” 1948

“A Letter to Three Wives,” 1949

“Champion,” 1949

“Young Man With a Horn,” 1950

“The Glass Menagerie,” 1950

“Along the Great Divide,” 1951

“The Big Carnival” (or “Ace in the Hole,”) 1951

“Detective Story,” 1951

“The Big Trees,” 1952

“The Big Sky,” 1952

“The Bad and the Beautiful,” 1953

“The Story of Three Loves,” 1953

“The Juggler,” 1953

“Act of Love,” 1954

“20,000 Leagues Under the Sea,” 1954

“The Racers,” 1955

“Man Without a Star,” 1955

“The Indian Fighter,” 1955

“Lust for Life,” 1956

“Top Secret Affair,” 1957

“Gunfight at the O.K. Corrall,” 1957

“Paths of Glory,” 1958

“The Vikings,” 1958

“Last Train From Gun Hill,” 1959

“The Devil’s Disciple,” 1959

“Strangers When We Meet,” 1960

“Spartacus,” 1960

“The Last Sunset,” 1961

“Town Without Pity,” 1961

“Lonely Are the Brave,” 1962

“Two Weeks in Another Town,” 1962

“The Hook,” 1963

“The List of Adrian Messenger,” 1963

“For Love or Money,” 1963

“Seven Days in May,” 1964

“In Harm’s Way,” 1965

“The Heroes of Telemark,” 1965

“Cast a Giant Shadow,” 1966

“Is Paris Burning?” 1966

“The Way West,” 1967

“The War Wagon,” 1967

“A Lovely Way to Die,” 1968

“The Brotherhood,” 1968

“The Arrangement,” 1969

“There Was A Crooked Man,” 1970

“Summertree,” 1971 (producer only)

“The Light at the Edge of the World,” 1971

“A Gunfight,” 1971

“Catch Me a Spy,” 1971

“Hearts and Minds,” 1972

“Scalawag,” 1973

“Once Is Not Enough,” 1975

“Posse,” 1975

“Holocaust 2000,” 1977

“Victory at Entebbe,” 1977 (TV movie)

“The Fury,” 1978

“The Villain,” 1978

“Saturn 3,” 1979

“The Final Countdown,” 1980

“The Man From Snowy River,” 1982

“Remembrance of Love,” 1982 (TV movie)

“Eddie Macon’s Run,” 1983

“Amos,” 1985 (TV movie)

“Tough Guys,” 1986

“Queenie,” 1987 (TV movie)

“Inherit the Wind,” 1988 (TV movie)

“Oscar,” 1991

“Welcome to Veraz,” 1992

“The Secret,” 1992 (TV movie)

“Greedy,” 1994

“Take Me Home Again,” 1994 (TV movie)

“Diamonds,” 1999 “It Runs in the Family,” 2003

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