(WTNH) — Alas, the pandemic has taken something else from us: Free Cone Day.

Yes, that’s right. On Thursday, Dairy Queen announced that it was canceling Free Cone Day this year.

“Given the state of COVID-19, we’ve made the difficult decision to cancel this year’s event with your safety and the safety of our crew in mind,” a statement by the company read in part.

Some social media users didn’t take the news well.

“So I can come buy a cone during covid, but you can’t give out free ones,” one customer wrote.

“It’s because they literally have hundreds of people show up at once as opposed to a small crowd. Relax,” another responded.

Some urged the company to just use the drive-thru for the event.

Some fans came to Dairy Queen’s defense, saying many businesses are struggling during the pandemic.

“Or just pay $3 for some ice cream? Lol hold on lemme dig through the change in my cupholder I got you if that’s too much,” one Facebook user commented.

“Businesses struggling to survive so I can understand this. Hope my fav store survives but see little traffic there these days. Pray for recoveries of businesses going under,” another wrote.

“The entitlement of people is astounding. It’s an ice cream cone, get over yourself,” wrote someone else.

The company plans to bring the event back in 2022, and Dairy Queen lovers can’t wait.