Costco selling 76 oz. tubs of cookie dough



PHOENIX (Nexstar)— Want a bucket of dreams? Costco is selling just that. They are selling 76 oz. tubs of chocolate chip cookie dough!

The Pillsbury cookies and their signature recipe are great for a rainy day, movie night, a playdate or just an excuse to make cookies. It calls for almost no effort, with the ease of having it ready to go in your freezer, and being able to pull it out when that craving hits.

“The cookie dough stays good in the freezer for two months, provided you rein your baking in and can actually make it last that long. At an ounce a cookie, this thing can make 76 cookies (math!) or a little more than 6 dozen cookies. It costs $7.89, which is a steal considering a sleeve of 24 cookies costs around $4.”

Just $7.89 for a tub of cookies is amazing. Pretty sure a thing of cookie dough at the grocery store is about $3-$5 for 12 cookies. Besides, the calories don’t count when the cookies are that cheap right?

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