(ABC4) – Coors light has been offering consumers America’s second most popular beer for decades now. Amid the stress of March Madness, the brew company has expanded its product line to help ease the tension of sports.

As of March 17, Coors Light has officially released “Chillollipop,” refreshing, beer-flavored lollipops.

After reading up on numerous social experiments where lollipops and hard candies were offered to club and bar-goers at the end of the night to calm them down, the brand was inspired to conduct a social experiment of their own to test out the effectiveness of the Chillollipop on tense sports fans.

Though the lolli does not contain alcohol, it is intended for buyers 21+. Similar to sipping on a pint of Coors Light, the Chillollipop has a frothy foam top.

Coors Light spoke with Manhattan College professor, Donald E. Gibson, Ph.D., to get his perspective on the experiment.

“Emotions are contagious,” said Gibson. “If there are strong emotions around us, it’s very easy to be swept up in them. I believe that something as simple as a lollipop could have a calming influence in an emotionally charged situation.”

The goal is for the Chillollipop to ease the anxiety of college basketball.

“March is one of the most stressful times of the year for a college basketball fan,” said Marcelo Pascoa, Vice President of Marketing for the Coors Family of Brands. “During all the incredible highs and lows of March basketball, Coors Light is the brand to bring a moment of chill. Whether in the form of a Chillollipop to bring the calm, or a mountain-cold Coors Light to refresh spirits.”

The Coors Light Chillollipop will be sold in packs of six for $3.17 starting today through the end of the March Madness tournament.

“Will it work? We don’t know, but we can’t imagine anyone has ever been unhappy or angry with a lollipop in their mouth, so we wanted to give the Coors Light Chillollipop experiment a try,” added Pascoa.

To get your hand on a six-pack of suckers, click here.