(ABC4) – After making its first appearance in the metaverse via Fortnite, Coca-Cola has announced the launch of Zero Sugar Byte, a new limited-edition ‘pixel-flavored’ beverage.

Zero Sugar Byte first appeared in Pixel Point — an island created in Fortnite by Coca-Cola in collaboration with PWR, one of the most prolific gaming brands in the gaming community, the company said in an email to ABC4.

The beverages’ digitally inspired cues come together to build a “flavor experience that introduces the humble pixel in real life.”

Zero Sugar Byte will exclusively be available in twin packs of 12.5 ounce slim cans — one to consume and one to collect.

There are fewer than 25,000 two-packs of Zero Sugar Byte available for purchase so the drink will be around for a limited time only.

Coca-Cola says they’ve used pixels to portray its iconic logo and mark the drink’s limited release.

The limited-edition beverage will be hitting store shelves in the next couple of weeks.