(ABC4) – The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is investigating two cases of Listeria outbreaks linked to packaged salads produced by Dole and Fresh Express.

The CDC says the contaminated salads have caused multiple reports of illness, hospitalization, and deaths across several states.

Listeria is a serious infection typically caused by eating contaminated food. It can produce severe illness when spread to other parts of the body, says the CDC. Symptoms can include headache, stiff neck, confusion, loss of balance, convulsions, fever and muscle aches.

Fresh Express

Officials say so far, outbreaks linked to Fresh Express have caused 10 reported infections from eight states, 10 hospitalizations and one death.

The recall includes these brands: Fresh Express, Bowl & Basket, Giant Eagle, Little Salad Bar, Marketside, O Organics, Signature Farms, Simply Nature, Weis Fresh from the Field and Wellsley Farms Organic.

Look for “Use-By Dates” with product codes Z324 through Z350.


The CDC says a second listeria outbreak has been linked to Dole packaged salads. Sixteen people have been infected across 13 states, 12 people have been hospitalized and two deaths have been reported.

The recall includes these brands: Ahold, Dole, Kroger, Lidl, Little Salad Bar, Marketside, Naturally Better, Nature’s Promise, and Simply Nature.

Look for the “Best if used by” dates from 11/30/21 through 01/08/22.

CDC officials are advising the public not to sell or consume the recalled products and discard them immediately.

Symptoms of severe illness typically start one to four weeks after eating contaminated food, but can appear as early as the same day or as late as 70 days after. Every year, around 1,600 people are infected with listeriosis and about 260 deaths are reported, says the CDC.

Pregnant women, those over 65-years-old and the immunocompromised at the most at-risk when infected with listeria.

After removing a contaminated product, it’s important to clean your fridge to rid any traces of the bacteria. Wash removable refrigerator parts in hot, soapy water and sanitize any unremovable parts with wipes or disinfectant solution.

To see the full recall announcement and details, click here. To see Dole’s full statement and affected product list, click here.