(ABC4) – Deciding on what to eat for breakfast can arguably be one of the toughest decisions we make when we wake up in the morning.

Depending on where you live in the U.S, the options will differ. If you’re In the south, savory biscuits and gravy will get you set for the day. Or perhaps the trendy avocado toast has been on your mind lately.

The biggest argument perhaps might be which state has the best breakfast. Most of us don’t have time or stomach space to travel to all 50 states and try their most popular breakfast items, so rest assured! A recent poll conducted a survey involving 3,479 Americans, ranking which states had the best signature breakfast dishes.

You’re probably wondering where Utah ranked.

Utah’s scones were ranked America’s 34th favorite breakfast food. This puts the state somewhere in the middle, which isn’t too bad but it’s also not too great.

The Utahn-inspired scones are light, fluffy, fried, and served with butter, honey or syrup, and powdered sugar. Instead of baking them, Utah scones are fried in hot oil and drained, served best with some savory sides.

Texas’ breakfast taco was ranked as America’s favorite breakfast. Eggs, bacon, sausage, refried beans, cheese, and salsa wrapped inside of a flour tortilla will most likely make every American salivate. Maine’s signature blueberry pancakes came in 2nd place. South Dakota’s sorghum pie came in last place.

Here’s the full list of rankings:

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What state do you think has the best breakfast?