A look inside the stadium hosting the Big Game


Super Bowl week is here!

The New England Patriots and Los Angeles Rams arrived in Atlanta and will take part in Media Day Monday night. 

All eyes will be on Mercedes-Benz Stadium on Sunday the site of Super Bowl 53 and the building is stunning. Thirty stories tall, retractable roof, seats over 70,000 and the city of Atlanta can’t wait to show it to America. It opened in 2017 and cost $1.5 billion to build.

Scott Jenkins is the General Manager of Mercedes Benz Stadium. He says the biggest highlight for fans when they come to the stadium is this massive halo video board.

“It’s the world’s largest scoreboard. Fifty-eight feet high by eleven hundred lineal feet around. If you were to stand it end to end it would be taller than the tallest building in Atlanta,” said Jenkins.

“There is a tremendous pressure to be the home of the Super Bowl and be in a beautiful new stadium,” said Jenkins. “It’s the big game of the year. Millions of people are watching it. I can tell you for the weeks and months leading up to it there has been so much effort going into this production.” 

The stadium is a very intimate building, seats are close to the action, but it isn’t just designed for watching football. Scott says he expects the Halftime Show with Maroon 5 will be a big hit with fans watching on tv and in the building.  

“We can just amplify whatever we do here. Whether it’s football or soccer or a concert or the half-time show. Just with all the amenities we have, the sight lines we have, the huge halo board, and the lighting effects we are able to do,” said Jenkins.

And when it comes to purchasing food at the stadium on Sunday? It doesn’t get any better than this? 

“People come here for the Super Bowl it’s a $2 hot dog, a $2 refillable soda, it’s a $5 domestic beer. We have great good offerings,” Jenkins said.

Speaking of food, there is a Chick-fil-A inside Mercedes-Benz Stadium and the company headquarters that is based in Atlanta said it will stay with its tradition even on Sunday and will not be open for Super Bowl Sunday.

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