SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC4) — Three men were charged with stealing Target gift cards, and other merchandise, one of whom was a Target employee, who was allegedly paid off to help them.

Airrion William Davis, 18, and Shaheem Statavis Wright, 21, stole over $24,000 worth of Target gift cards and Apple products, with the assistance of Target employee, Ledavian Marquice Davis, 25. All three men were charged with theft, a 2nd-degree felony.

L.M. Davis aided the theft of the Cottonwood Heights Target on Dec. 7, by working at the register and not collecting any payment for the items; in exchange, he received two $500 gift cards from A.W. Davis and Wright, court documents state.

On Dec. 7, he assisted in the theft of $22,050 worth of target gift cards/cash, an Apple watch valued at $379.99, an Apple iPad Pro 11 valued at $799.99, an Apple iPad Pro 12.9 valued at $1,199.99, a shirt valued at $9.99, and an infant romper valued at $10. L.M. Davis also stole two more Target gift cards on Dec. 12, by putting $500 on each of them and not paying for them.

When L.M. Davis was arrested, he admitted that he met the individuals prior to the theft on Dec 7, and became suspicious of them while speaking with them but proceeded to assist them with their purchase at the register.

He claimed that after the first two $500 gift card purchases, he realized something was wrong; however, he continued to assist them. L.M. Davis claimed that the individuals kept urging him to close the cash register and not tell anyone.

He admitted to receiving two gift cards totaling $1000 dollars from them, he also admitted that he put $500 on two different gift cards earlier that day, both of which were in his right front pocket.

The other two suspects, A.W. Davis, and Wright were arrested in Wyoming following an officer’s suspicions about the electronic items in the back seat, and the driver providing false information about who he was.

According to a member of the West Jordan Target loss prevention team, this group has been committing credit card fraud in Utah, Colorado, and possibly other states.