Music Video Features People of All Abilities in Utah

SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4 UTAH) A music video – shot right here in Utah – that went online on March 31st – already has more than 133,000 views on YouTube. While that is impressive – the video really isn’t about numbers. It’s about people. People of all abilities getting together to create something inspirational.
The video starts with performer Camrey Fox and the campers at Camp K re-creating the little town “Bonjour” song from Disney’s ‘Beauty and the Beast’. “Every morning is just the same, since the morning that we came. In this poor provincial town.” The shoot for this video took place at Camp K up in Emigration Canyon in Salt Lake City. The group ‘Working with Lemons’ – with director Robbie Bagley – has created dozens of music videos like this and has millions of views and followers on its YouTube channel. “We make the best video we can – and what we like – and we hope for the best.” Bagley and Camp K came up with this concept as a way to create a video and create opportunities for those of all abilities to work together. 
No one really knew what to expect when the camera started rolling. Bagley said,  “This one had the potential for the most chaos and for it to not work.”  But within minutes – those involved could tell this was going to work. “They were singing and acting and getting into it. And they followed direction really well.” “They were easier to work with than some other people I have worked with.” Mircea Divricean, the CEO of Camp K, watched the filming process and was also impressed with everyone. “The talents that I knew our campers have – they went to a different level. I was just so excited to see the talents of our campers coming through the lenses.” 
Fox has done several videos, including a re-make of “Let it Go” from Disney’s ‘Frozen’ movie, which has 209–Million views. She says the shoot at Camp K was unique and loved the experience. “Not only able to follow direction, but they were helping each other and showing each other where they should be going.” “I definitely got emotional at the beginning of the day.” And she wasn’t the only one. Divricean says, “I just absolutely love to see the combination between people with disabilities along side people without disabilities to mix and match so beautifully and perfectly and in harmony.” 
And now, with every online click – that message is being shared with the people of all abilities around the world. Fox says, “I hope our video brings more people to know about Camp K and not just about Camp K, but realize how capable people with disabilities are – that they are not just their disability – they are so much more than what people think they are.”   
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