MAGNA (ABC4 Utah News) – Prosecutors charged Brandon Beau Warren with committing two murders but he will not stand trial for the crimes anytime soon.

Salt Lake County District Attorney Sim Gill said the Unified Police Department built a solid case against Brandon Beau Warren in the shooting deaths of Stevan Chambers and Shelli Brown in August of 2015.

Chambers, 26, was found gunned down in a Magna intersection on August 17th. Brown, also 26, was found dead in Magna Copper Park two days later. Police say they had been shot in the head with the same .38 caliber handgun.

“We discovered some DNA, some fingerprints as well,” Gill told ABC4 Utah News Monday. “As the forensic evidence indicated that the casings came from the same gun as well as the bullets indicated they were fired from the same weapon.”

Chambers’ mother Brenda and sister Tiffany say the charges help their healing process but questions remain.

“I want to know if my son was hurting when.. as he laid there in the street,” Brenda said through tears. “There’s no answers still for me.”

Brenda and Tiffany Chambers say that Warren shot at Stevan outside a bar two days before he was gunned down in the street.

“Steven was scared. He ran scared and that what makes me more angry than anything,” Tiffany said. “It just makes me extremely angry that my brother had to be that scared. You always ask yourself what you could have done or why he didn’t call.”

Warren was found to be mentally incompetent to stand trial on unrelated theft and assault charges. He’s currently a patient at the Utah State Hospital where he’s scheduled to have another mental competency hearing in September of 2017.

Tiffany said she’s angry that Warren is in the hospital instead of behind bars.

“Our jails and our prisons are full of mentally ill people so while my brother’s dead, while we all wait, he gets to sit there and eat Valium and pudding all day,” Tiffany said. “I’m sorry. The amount of hate I for this person is toxic as hell.”

Meanwhile, Brown’s 7 year old daughter Maya is growing up without her mother and Chambers’ daughter, born 6 weeks after his death. will never know her father.

“She knows his picture,” Brenda said. “She says Daddy but that’s all she’s got of her Daddy.”

Warren’s bail was set at $2 million. He remains in the Utah State Hospital in Provo.