OREM, Utah (ABC4) – An Orem police officer was injured after a driver failed to move over while police were assisting a stranded driver Monday night.

According to the Orem Police Department, the incident happened around 11:30 p.m. near 800 North and 750 East, where officers were assisting a driver whose car had broken down.

Despite the patrol cars having their overhead flashing lights on, another driver failed to move over, striking the back of one of the vehicles, pushing it into another patrol car.

These photos show the damage caused to the two police vehicles.

As this was happening, one of the Orem officers was between the two vehicles, and was hit while attempting to avoid being struck by the vehicle behind him.

Other officers on the scene treated the officer until he was taken to the hospital.

He was later released and is now at home recovering from his injuries.

“This is a reminder to move as far over as possible to avoid colliding with emergency vehicles; it is the law,” the Orem Police Department said in a Facebook post.

“We are grateful our officer was not more seriously injured or killed in this accident, and it serves as great reminder to slow down and move over when you see emergency vehicle lights,” the post added.