OGDEN, Utah (ABC 4 Utah) There was a gruesome discovery on a mountain side east of Ogden Monday morning; a mountain biker came across a body.

The Weber County Sheriff’s Office say it had been here for a while. They couldn’t say exactly how long, but say it’s certainly been there for more than a few weeks.

The body was decomposing, but they were able to determine it is a female.

The call came in Monday morning around 9:20 a.m. The body was found off of the trail in what is described as steep, treacherous terrain. The mountain biker was actually alerted to it by a dog that picked up on the odor.

The Weber County Search and Rescue Team was called in to help recover the body along with crime scene investigators.

For now it is considered a crime scene, while they piece togther who this woman was and what happened to here. Investigators are looking into all options.

“That’s where the investigation will kick in as far as trying to determine do we have anybody missing, was this something that could have been accidental, intentional and try to figure out how this person ended up there.”

The body was remoeved from the mountain side and is now with the coroner for further investigation. If you have any idea who this woman may be,, the Weber County Sheriff’s Office would like to hear from you.