Mother of Elizabeth Salgado in denial


SALT LAKE CITY (News4Utah) – Libertad Salgado doesn’t want to believe the human remains found in Hobble Creek Canyon are those of her missing daughter.

Elizabeth Salgado disappeared in 2015 but a week ago Friday, a man came across human remains.  Thursday, law enforcement in Utah County confirmed it was Salgado.  Authorities are now calling it a murder investigation.

Libertad Salgado is still in Mexico and is making arrangements to return to Utah County and see for herself.

“For me this is horrible,” said Salgado in a phone interview.  “But, I don’t accept that she is dead.  To be honest, I don’t accept it.”

In 2015, she and her husband traveled to Provo to learn more about her disappearance.  They met with police, participated in searches and pleaded with the public for information about their daughter.
April 2018 marked the third year anniversary of her disappearance.

“Whoever did this comes from a dark place,” said the mother.  “He has no feelings.  This person is pure evil.”
Authorities said it will be up to Elizabeth to tell them who did this to her.

“That effort is to look at everything that was on her or with her or around her in the location that she was found and try for the lack of a better term, to get her to speak to us,” said Lt. Spencer Cannon.

Elizabeth’s mother is confident that law enforcement will solve Salgado’s disappearance.  But for now she is not ready to call this a murder investigation.

“That’s why I want to come to the United States,” said Salgado.  “I want to see where they found her.  I have so much doubt.  I want to see her.  That’s the only way I will know for sure.”

She said her passport is ready and is waiting for an emergency visa.  Meanwhile she has set up a GoFundme account to raise money for the trip to learn for herself if this is Elizabeth Elena Salgado.

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