Mother dies after giving birth to twins


(KKTV/CNN) – Dustin Sisneros and his girlfriend, Sara, we’re going to be first-time parents.

“When we found out it was twins it was kind of overwhelming but we were really excited for our blessings,” Sisneros said.

Months into the pregnancy Sara and Sisneros went to the doctor for a routine check-up. The doctor noticed swelling and immediately told the couple to go to the hospital. The next morning Sara had a c-section.

“I gave her a big hug and kiss before she went into the delivery room,” Sisneros said.

Sara delivered two healthy babies, Charlotte and Ryan. The doctor told Sisneros there was a little bleeding and Sara needed surgery.

Surgery she would never come out of.

“It was just horrible to see her like that you know,” Sisneros said. “She was just looking so forward to seeing our babies and raising them together.”

Now, 5 days after the twins were born, Sisneros is a single father.

“I’m just going to be sure to tell them that their mama is going to be with us every step of the way and she may not be here now but she is watching and looking down on us from heaven,” Sisneros said.

Sisneros’ parents are now helping out.

“Everyday when I go in I talk about their mother and tell them that she’s watching down on them and that she would have been a great mother,” said Jolene Sisneros, his mother.

“I’m going to love those children from now, and whenever I hold them in my hands, forever and ever,” said Matt Sisneros, his father.

Now Dustin Sisneros has two tiny reminders, two signs of hope that Sara’s spirit will live on.

“When I start to get a little sad, I just think about all the love she has out there,” Dustin Sisneros said.

“All the love that we have for our kids and I know they’re going to grow up to be beautiful babies and they’re going to shine in their mother’s light for sure.”

A GoFundMe page was created to help Dustin Sisernos during this difficult time. 


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