Mother and boyfriend charged with child abuse


SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4 Utah) –  A nine-year old boy was forced to sit in a closet without a light or bathroom as punishment.

And the boy’s head was also slammed against the wall on different occasions.   All this is according to the Salt Lake District attorney’s office which has filed child abuse charges against the mother and her boyfriend.

Kyra Pacheco and Sawyer Hutto were arrested on warrants Tuesday after child abuse charges were filed against the couple.

The 25-year old Hutto was charged 4-counts of child abuse and a single count of child kidnapping. The Salt Lake District Attorney also filed an alternative charge of aggravated child kidnapping for threatening the child with a knife.

The 31-year old mother was charged with a single count of child abuse.

It happened last year when the 9-year old was admitted to Primary Children’s Hospital for injuries.

His mom was worried because her son was not able to move his arms or legs and had been vomiting, suffered from double vision and had low energy.   According to the charging documents, Pacheco told doctors that he had done a “flip” off a rock two weeks prior to taking him to the hospital.  But doctors told police that some injuries were too recent and other injuries happened at various times.

During an interview with the 9-year old he told investigators that Hutto “slammed (his) head into a wall three times so violently that this caused dents in the wall.”

The boy also claimed Hutto “stood with his entire weight on (his) body and was ‘pushing up and down with his feet on (his) back as he laid on the floor.'”

“Mr. Hutto held a knife to his throat and threatened him,” according to the charging documents.

Prosecutors also claimed Hutton punished the boy several other ways including “wall sits” that if done incorrectly, the child would be beaten.  They also alleged Hutto made the boy stay in a small closet with no light and was allowed to come out only to eat and use the bathroom.

According to the charging documents, the 9-year old son told investigators that “his mom would see the abuse happening and (victim) opined that she ‘didn’t’ do anything because she was scared.

Hutto and Pacheco were both booked into the Salt Lake County jail.  According to the charging documents, Pacheco’s other children, including the 9-year old, were taken by the Division of Child and Family Services and were placed in foster care and offered therapy.

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