Mormon Tabernacle Christmas Choir Will Feature World Renowned Tenor


SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC4 Utah) — The Mormon Tabernacle Choir announces world renowned tenor Rolando Villazon will be guest starring in its 17th annual Christmas concert.
MoTab’s Christmas Concert is one of the most unique and special performances in the world and this year will be no exception.
Rolando Villazon, “I came through security, the person asking for my passport and he asked why I was here and I said I will be singing with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. He said you must be good then!”

Every year the Mormon Tabernacle Choir brings a high quality, emotional and majestic performance. Details of the show is always under strict secrecy but here’s a little hint from Choir President Ron Jarrett.

“It has a very, um an international flare I think people will enjoy the opportunity.”

MoTab had met Rolando while on a previous project and knew they had to snag the opera singer.

Mack Wilberg Choir Music Director, “by the third day we said we have to bring Rolando to Salt Lake City. This is a dream come true to have him here.”
Wilberg, “I’m very excited about the program this year. There’s something for everyone.”

Rolando is a world superstar. He speaks four languages. He hosts his own television show, he’s an, author, artist and stage director.

He says the choir has inspired him.
“The chorus, how enthusiastic the great quality this love, this joy, this great feeling, it’s contagious. Everyone should come with a sense of open heart I hope this allows us to know that we are all human and share this world and we are here to embrace the other especially those in trouble and I believe this is the message of Jesus and Christmas.”

It’s his first time in Utah and Rolando says it’s breathtaking and says he can’t wait to take a tour of the city.
The performances run this Thursday through Sunday morning.

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