MILLCREEK, Utah (ABC4) — Salt Lake County volunteers are continuing to work together to keep flooding at bay. 

Millcreek City Mayor Jeff Silvestrini and Salt Lake County Mayor Jenny Wilson gathered with volunteers on Saturday, Apr. 15, to fill sandbags in preparation for future flooding. 

“We never know when it’s gonna flood,” said volunteer Aaron Salazar. “We’re just going to want to try and stay proactive rather than reactive.”

Together, volunteers and officials filled over 15,000 sandbags in just one day, according to Silvestrini. 

“We literally could not do this work if we did not have people,” said Mayor Wilson. 

It’s a cause Mayor Wilson says hits close to home. Her father, former Salt Lake City mayor Ted Wilson, was in office during the floods of 1983. 

“It’s been special to hear his stories over the years about the ’83 flood,” said Wilson. “To this day he feels that was the moment that really defined his time as mayor.”

With the warming weather, workers and volunteers say the work they’re doing now is just the beginning. 

“We’re going to have more water coming down,” said Wilson. “That’s going to mean trees in our pipes, it means blockages. We’re gonna be prepared to show up.”

Despite the potential of serious floods looming on the horizon, city officials say every bag volunteers fill is a step in the right direction.

“This is a team effort,” said Mayor Silvestrini. “We help Salt Lake City when there’s a problem, we know others will help us when we have a problem.”