SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4 Utah) – It’s been more than a year and Michelle Leyba has yet to call home.

She disappeared after leaving her grandmother’s house and her sister is hoping someone has information that will lead to her return.

Shyloe Cordova recalled that day when she realized Leyba wasn’t returning anyone’s calls.

“I called my grandmother if she had spoken to Michelle and she hadn’t talked to her for a few months,” said Cordova.
“That’s when I realized something was probably wrong.”

The 32-year-old was seen in the Rose Park area of Salt Lake City’s west side.
Her grandmother lived nearby and Leyba was seen with friends near the area, according to her sister.

“She was staying downtown for a while and I had called all the homeless shelters,” Cordova said. “I called the jail, everywhere, in the hospitals and no one had heard from her.”

Leyba actually was staying in different homes at the time. She often stayed with her grandmother, her sister and friends.

A police report was filed but after more than a year, no one heard from her.

Her facebook account is no longer active. Calls to Leyba’s cellphone were futile.

“She had a cellphone,” said Cordova. “I tried calling it a couple of months ago. It rings and goes to voicemail.”

After all these months, her sister is worried that something bad has happened to Leyba.

“Not really (worried) at first, but now I think something’s possibly wrong,” she said. “At first I thought she’s with friends, met some new people (that) she’s hanging around with.”

Cordova has turned to social media hoping the public can help. Her sister said Leyba had a job at the time she disappeared. But drugs sometimes took over her life.

“She was for awhile (drugs) and then she’d gotten sober,” said Cordova. “She got pregnant. She gave the baby up for adoption and then I think she started using again.”

But her sister said even during those drug induced days, Leyba stayed in touch.
It’s been over a year and her sister wanted this personal message out there.

“I love her and I miss her,” she said. “That I really want her to contact somebody. Just let us know that she’s alright.”

Cordova has made her contact number available to anyone. View it on Facebook.