SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) – Christian Perkins just vanished.

And no one has seen or heard from him since that day in May 2016. His parents want him to call home.

“The day before he was happy and excited,” said his mother Nancy Perkins.

His family and friends had planned a birthday party for him the next day. The day before, Christian Perkins prepared as if he was going to attend. His mother said he got a haircut and went to bed happy.

“We all went to bed,” Perkins said. “We heard him in the morning, but he was nowhere to be found. He was supposed to be with us.”

The Perkins don’t know what happened to their adopted son, but they did get a call from him that same day.

“We got a call,” his mother said. “He said ‘Sorry, I can’t make it’ I asked him ‘Why not?’ This was our plan, ‘They even got a birthday cake for you.’ and he said ‘I can’t make it’ and ended the call.”

The birthday bash turned into an awkward moment for the parents. Christian Perkins was never heard from again. Calls and texts to his cell number went unanswered. They called his workplace only to learn he had quit the day before he disappeared.

“They didn’t know anything, but they said he quit the day before and told them that he was moving to Colorado,” recalled Nancy Perkins.

This news shocked his parents. They eventually filed a missing persons report with Unified Police.
In the report, the parents told the officer of a “woman in Florida” who Christian Perkins had befriended. But the number was disconnected.

Police also contacted Christian’s friend and ex-wife. Both told authorities they “haven’t heard from him.”

“He’d been married for four years to a girl from Nepal and then they got a divorce,” said his mother. “He was not upset.”

After the divorce from this woman, his mother said he moved back with the family. They noticed a change in his behavior.

“He would not participate in anything,” said his mother. “He’d be down in his room playing.”

Christian would spend hours on his computer playing games, according to his mother. She said the Florida woman met him during those games and they would spend countless hours on the phone.

“When he left, he had to have had something planned out,” said Nancy Perkins.

Over the next few years, she said they spent money on investigators who claimed they could find him, but they never did.

Five years after Christian Perkins disappeared, they went to a website for missing people. “We help the missing” now has Christian’s data on their website. Nancy Perkins said they were unaware such websites existed.

“I had been doing this all on my own,” Perkins said. “I have not been familiar with any databases, anything like that.”

Other websites like NamUs are also available for families in search of a loved one. The Charley Project also offers a website to raise awareness of a missing person. In Utah, the Department of Public Safety has a website for families of missing persons.

Meanwhile, Christian’s parents are still hoping he’s alive and perhaps listening.

“Are you doing what you’re supposed to be doing?” she wondered. “Wherever you are — are you healthy, alive? No judgment. We just want to hear from you.”

Anyone with information about Christian Hardy Perkins’ disappearance is urged to contact Unified Police.