SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4 Utah) – There is very little known about a former University of Utah student who disappeared in 1973.

Even the state and federal databases for missing persons have no mention of Doug Brick.

“He was going down to the University of Utah or something and taking classes and trying to get a degree there,” said his older brother David Brick.

His brother was in Europe when Doug Brick disappeared in October 1973. He got his information mainly from his mother who passed away in 2010.

“There was a lot of things going on,” Brick said. “He had some girlfriend, and he broke up with the girlfriend. We really don’t know why he just took off and disappeared.”

He was led to believe that his mother filed a missing persons report with Salt Lake City police.
Doug Brick was born and raised in Idaho, his father was from Salt Lake City. But there’s little known about him or his own family.

While in high school in Idaho, Brick was considered an outstanding student but shy according to his classmates.

His brother said Doug was a straight arrow and got along with him and his mother when he suddenly vanished in 1973.

“She said she somehow lost track of him,” recalled David Brick. “My mother was in contact with the Salt Lake City police. They told her that if they found anything they would let her know.”

Oddly, there was no media reports of a missing U of U student in both Utah and Idaho.

Recently, a missing persons website in Idaho claimed Brick told a friend “he’d dropped out of college and wanted to start a new life. He didn’t want others to know about his job.”

The website posted that Doug Brick was driving a truck that took him on a route between Ogden and Idaho.

“No, no, there’s nothing that, no, I don’t think so,” said the brother. “The only thing that I found as strange was my mother claimed she went down to clean his room. She found an empty box of bullets.”

His father died in 1964 but his mother, who raised him continued to wait word from police. She passed away in 2010.

Nearly 50-years later, there is still no information about Doug Brick’s disappearance available on Utah’s data base for missing persons.
He’s also absent in the National Missing and Unidentified Persons System (NAMUS).

The host of the Facebook page for Idaho missing persons was the first to notice Brick was missing on data bases.

“Families will never forgot about their loved ones and so will police,” said Crystal Douglas. “That’s why I’m really concerned that our data bases are up to date so that it doesn’t take that much work to connect them to a case.”

Wednesday as this story continues, Douglas learned of another Utah woman who disappeared in 1949. And the coordinator of the state data base offers a reason why data bases are sometimes missing the names of those gone missing.