SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) – They became friends, and then something went wrong.

It may be the reason Aletha Jo Williams vanished in 2001 and one of her friends was suspected of her disappearance and murder.

But the last hope of ever learning what happened to Williams evaporated this week when one of her friends was killed in a domestic incident in Magna.

“Michael Vincent and Aletha Williams were closely associated because his wife at the time was one of her best friends,” said Jason Jensen, an investigator with the Utah Cold Case Coalition.

It was after hours when Williams got tangled up with Vincent’s night life, that’s according to her mother who spoke with police.

“All I know is what they told me is that I guess they used drugs and that’s how they knew each other,” said Cindy Williams.

In 2001, Williams vanished while walking to a friends home.

It wasn’t until thirteen years later that police got information that led Salt Lake City police to search the Jordan River.

Later a search warrant implicated Vincent. The investigation revealed that Vincent’s daughter saw him “covered in blood,” on the day she disappeared. Vincent allegedly told her “he had just killed a black female.”

Even Vincent’s brother told police that Mike was involved with Williams’ disappearance.

“It’s one of them typical scenarios where the victim knew her killer,” said Jensen.

But no charges were ever filed against Mike Vincent or his brother, who was arrested at the time for obstruction of justice.

Tuesday Mike Vincent was killed allegedly by his second wife at his business in Magna. She told police it was self-defense.

It doesn’t surprise Jensen, who has been tracking Vincent over the past two years.

“A lot of his criminal history included assault and domestic violence offenses, but a lot of drugs and paraphernalia charges as well,” he said.

His first wife, Wendy, has since passed away. But according to Williams’ mother, she too feared him.

“That’s one of the persons that came forward. and it took her like a year or so to come forward because she was afraid of him,” said Williams.

But with Vincent’s death, secrets may die as well.

“I’ll never know what happened to my daughter,” said Williams. “Who else would know. There’s only three people that should really know and all three of them are dead.”

She said her only hope is for someone who no longer is worried about Vincent retaliating will step forward and tell her what happened to her daughter.

A spokesman for the Salt Lake City police said Vincent was their only suspect and the case has not been closed. Anyone with information is urged to contact their hotline.

Jensen said the Utah Cold Case Coalition is also offering a reward that can lead to information that can be used to find Williams.